Remodeling and home improvement projects tend to pick up when the summer months roll around in New Jersey, and this includes new window installation projects. On top of the warm weather, summer also provides longer days which provides a perfect scenario for work to get done that can often be hindered by the cold of winter.

At Somerville Home Center, our professional installation team will tell you that window installation jobs increase dramatically during the summer and for several good reasons. We’ll present a few different factors that make summer the best time to replace the windows in your home.

Avoiding Bad Weather

Replacing windows will involve opening your home to the elements while the installation process occurs. This situation tends to make most homeowners hesitate to have their windows replaced even if they are in dire need of new windows. If done in the winter you risk exposing your home to low temperatures and even the spring is not ideal with all the rain. Warm summer days will allow a window installation contractor to get the job done quickly and easily.

Saving on Your Energy Bill

Keeping the house cool in the summer can really rack up the energy bill, especially when your current windows are single-pane. Many people notice how much their energy bill skyrockets in the summer months and having brand new windows installed allows you to utilize a nice breeze to cool your home instead of having to run your air conditioner constantly.

Silence the Sounds of Summer

Sometimes it can be nice to hear all the activity going on during the summer like kids playing in the yard and families throwing a barbecue, but it is nice to have the option to drown it all out when you want to. Replacing old, leaky windows will help to cut back on the sounds outside your home and create a peaceful oasis for you and your family.

Impact Protection

The last, but certainly not least of the reasons we recommend window installation in NJ in the summer is to decrease the risk of cracked or broken windows. The summer tends to bring storms that carry branches and other debris that can damage weak windows. Older windows are much more susceptible to cracking or breaking with subjected to any amount of force. Newer windows are designed to be impact resistant which adds extra protection as well as extra security in your home.

Visit our New Jersey window showroom where we can help you find the right window for the right price this summer!