The entry door to your home has to do a lot of heavy lifting. You want it to look good and make a great first impression, but it also needs to be tough enough to withstand the elements including wind, rain, sun, and potential intruders. Do you go with a wood model or a steel model? What about glass panels? We’ll break down all the things you should consider when weighing your options to make sure you wind up with the perfect entry door for your home.

Which way does your entry door face?

We made mention of the elements playing a big role when considering entry door styles. Steel doors can generally withstand most poor weather such as wind and rain, but may not be the best choice for homes that face out in direct sunlight. Steel can get so hot it becomes painful to touch. Wood doors are popular for aesthetic reasons but if they are not concealed or protected by an overhang, they can warp or swell and need frequent maintenance. However, they will not retain heat like a steel door.

Common Styles of Entry Doors


Entry doors that are made primarily of wood are popular because they look great and have a unique texture that cannot be matched. Homeowners that want to stand out and make a statement will generally lean towards wood models. Wood doors will contract and expand over time due to temperature and humidity. If you choose a wood door, you can expect to sand, stain, or repaint it every few years if you want it to look nice and function properly.


Steel doors have some clear advantages over wood doors. To start, they are far more durable and neither expand nor contract when dealing with rain or extreme temperatures. Critics of steel doors will say they are not as aesthetically pleasing as wood doors, but sometimes steel doors can better fit the look of a home. One of the biggest benefits a steel door provides is strong security compared to other entry door types.


Fiberglass entry doors are quickly becoming the most popular style for modern homes. Fiberglass avoids the issues of rust and rot that affect steel and wood doors, and are impervious to most environmental factors. There are also a wide variety of options available which can mimic the look of many steel or wood door styles.

At the end of the day, the style and material of entry door you choose for your home will be largely based on where you live and the look you prefer. Knowing the pros and cons of each style can help you make an informed decision.