When you build a beautiful deck outside your home, you are essentially adding to the available living space of your home. It will increase your families quality of life and greatly increase the value of your home. On top of simply having a functional deck for your home, the quality of the materials and installation are just as important. A lot of decks come from big brand names such as TimberTech, Azek, Wolf, and Trex, but if you want your deck to truly stand out and impress any guests that come to your home, exotic hardwoods are a great option. Let’s look at some great exotic hardwoods you might consider.

Types of Exotic Hardwood for Decks

There are lots of exotic hardwoods out there that are good for decking. We will take a look at just a few of the more popular styles and what sets them apart.

Brazilian Ipe

This is the most popular type of exotic hardwood decking for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it has a wide range of colors from dark brown to olive-brown, to almost blackish tones. It is a hearty wood that is durable and will wear well and last for years to come. It is especially useful in harsh environments, such as beachfront property. With professional installation and care, decks made of brazilian ipe can last for 40 years or more.


Massaranduba is a cost effective alternative to brazilian ipe and is one of the most durable timber species in the world. Usually a very good alternative to those looking for a mahogany appearance. It has a reddish-brown hue with straight grain.


Many people love the look and texture of mahogany. While it does not have the strength and longevity of other exotic hardwood solutions, the look and feel cannot be replicated by other styles. If you want a similar look that will last longer, massaranduba is typically considered a good alternative.


Cumaru, also known as brazilian teak or golden teak, is a naturally durable brazilian timber and has a structure similar to ipe. It’s colors are generally golden brown and similar warm and attractive colors. It is also relatively cost effective compared to other exotic hardwoods.


Due to the natural oils in teak decking, it does not require preservatives or sealant like many other hardwood deck materials. It can be more expensive than other decking options but is truly one of the highest quality hardwoods available. Many luxury yachts use teak so if you are building a luxury deck at your home, this may be the right material for your project.

At the end of the day, the right material for your deck will come down to personal preference. You can get a great look and durability with most styles of exotic hardwood if the deck is professionally installed and properly maintained.