Professional Installation Somerville Home Center

Getting it Done Right

Once your plans are finalized, your materials and accessories chosen, its time to install your deck and no one does it better than the pros at the DeckCenter. We'll submit your plans to your local building authority and take care of all building permits. Years of experience allows us to save time by doing it right the first time. Our designers know to build a beautiful strong deck according to code that will last for many years. This is an advantage you get with Somerville Deck Center.

We won't start construction until all materials ordered have arrived. This helps avoiding delays in the middle of the project when material doesn't arrive on time. From initial ordering to delivery to the worksite, we take care of everything for you. A project manager is assigned to every job to oversee progress and solve problems. Your worksite will be cleaned at the end of each day. A common question that our customers have is "How long will it take?" Each deck is different and it can take anything from a few days to a couple of weeks depending on the scope of work. Our professional installation team will give attention to every detail from the foundation to decking and railing. We can also install your lighting sytems and other accessories. When the construction of your deck is complete, we will arrange for final inspections to be made. We can build your your deck from start to finish and when it's done there will only one thing for you to do...enjoy!