Trex Decking Somerville Home Center

Your New Outdoor Home

Make the most of your outdoor living space by adding a new and exciting addition to your home- outdoors. You'll find yourself spending a lot more time in the fresh air if you have a comfortable and inviting deck and nobody does it better than Trex Decking.

Whether hosting a gathering of friends and family or just spending quiet time with a good book your Trex deck can become your new outdoor home.


The possibilities you'll find with Trex Decking begin where form beautifully meets function. As you'll see, Trex is more than just a creator of great decks with proprietary technology. By adding foresight to technique, we've come to stand for outdoor living in the most innovative way possible.

With additions like tough-as-nails white fascia that takes any space up a notch to aluminum railing that expands your view; from steel substructures as advanced as our decking to a new way to get two spaces out of one, you and your outdoors get to apply our expertise not just to decking, but to living.

Trex, looks at things holistically. In fact, they take a systematic approach to perfection you won't find with other decking brands that delivers a final result that is greater than the sum of its parts and more suited to your needs. So, technically speaking, your outdoor space is more than just decking- It's also railing, framing, pergolas, lighting and furniture.

Your vision for your own outdoors is reflected in your every choice- right down to the handrails. So whether you're playing host or homebody, Trex Decking makes it simple to create the kind of outdoors your life demands.