Zuri Decking Somerville Home Center

The home has a new gathering place!

Like a beautifully crafted piece of fine furniture, Zuri is designed for people with
a discerning eye for exquisite detail. No other PVC or wood composite product
comes close to capturing the authentic colors and natural grain textures of exotic
timber. So gather ‘round. Because the closer you look, the better it looks.

Closer to Nature

Zuri is a natural at the art of deception. Its proprietary manufacturing technology replicates the unique beauty of exotic hardwood. And with five textures and colors to choose from, it’s easy to create a deck that sets your home apart.

Beautiful and Built to Stay That way.

Zuri™ is designed for people who could spend more, but with the good sense not to. Extremely durable, Zuri is backed by a 25-year warranty against the damaging effects of exposure and time. And, time wasted.