Counter Top Materials

So Many Choices

There are many types of Countertop Materials to choose from, made of a wide variety of products. Each choice can enhance your culinary hub with qualities to match your lifestyle and designs to match your personal tastes. Countertops are a central part of your kitchen’s look. Let our guide help you break down your choices based on vital criteria like durability, ease of maintenance, budget, and style.


Also called engineered stone, quartz countertops are made of resin and quartz chips. These types of countertops provide you with the beauty and durability of natural stone and require less maintenance. Since it’s an engineered product, it’s also available in a greater range of colors and patterns. The sleek surfaces of quartz countertops are uniform in color and stain, scratch, impact, heat and acid resistant.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

Porcelain and ceramic tile countertops are manufactured from a type of clay and offer nearly limitless color and design options. While ceramic tile costs less, it chips and cracks more easily. Porcelain tile is fired at a higher temperature. This makes it denser, less porous and resistant to chipping, cracking, scratching and staining. Both are heat resistant and unlike natural stone, don’t require sealing after installation or resealing every few years.


This is a natural stone option that remains a perennial choice. It’s a highly durable choice, but an incorrectly sealed countertop can become porous, allowing it to be easily stained or harbor bacteria. To reduce this risk, do regular resealing. Granite resists heat and holds up well to normal wear and tear, but in some situations, could crack or chip. If you’re looking for an elegant look that can’t be reproduced, no two slabs of granite are alike and there’s a wide array of grades, patterns, and colors available.


By far the most affordable types of countertops are laminate counters. They’re nonporous, so they’re easy to clean and germ resistant, and come in the widest range of color and pattern choices. Laminates are less heat resistant and more easily scratched than other surfaces.

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