TruStile is transforming interior design

Make a clever style statement before ever entering the room. TruStile Doors has transformed the door into a critical design element that opens up the possibilities for complete coordination. Dedicated to the highest level of design and quality, their doors blend the latest technology with hand craftsmanship.

A New Interpretation

Finally, a modern take on classic stile and rail door construction. Clean, strong lines. Custom design options. Bold accents. The TruStile Doors collection radically alters the concept of what a door can bring to today’s modern and contemporary designs.

Come see beautiful TruStile Doors at Somerville Doors & Windows.

When you select a custom material to enhance your door’s design, you won’t get any argument from us. At TruStile, custom is what we live for.

High-quality wood and imaginative finishes combine for an entirely new perspective on what a modern interior can be. Choose the insert that inspires you.

Thanks to newly innovative manufacturing techniques, glass has retaken its rightful place in interior design. Sandblasting, etching and digital technology offer fresh possibilities for sophisticated applications of glass to brilliant interiors.

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