Choice & Selection.

Words used all too often by home decoration manufacturers and retailers when, in fact, there isn’t much to choose from. However, as you’ll soon discover, if any company is the embodiment of these two words, it’s Lemieux Doors.

Imagination Comes to Life

Lemieux Doors is recognized as the premiere maker of custom-designed top-quality doors. But that didn’t happen by accident. Since our inception, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating doors that outlast the elements, endure the years, and have a timeless quality that weather even the frequent temperamental changes in trends and styles.

Satisfaction – it all comes down to choice. Your choice. Wood, glass – panel design, shape, color, finish, texture, and even the way your door is built. We could probably make a different
door an hour for an entire decade before making the same door twice. Far more than embody the concepts of choice & selection, we’ve completely redefined them.

However there’s one thing Lemieux Doors doesn’t offer any choice on – quality. Regardless of how you custom-design your door, or what method of fabrication and assembly fits your lifestyle or pocketbook, quality, and the best product warranties in the industry come standard with every single door we make. Lemieux Doors really has opened the door on style, flexibility and durability. Now it’s time to cross our threshold and explore the infinite possibilities…

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