Deck Consultation

A Good Place to Start

Now that you’ve decided to build a new deck a good place to begin your deck building project is sitting down with an expert to learn everything that’s involved. We offer free Deck Consultation with our experienced deck designers here at Somerville Deck Center. They have a great deal of experience and a short conversation here will save you time and money. They’ll go over your ideas with you and help you find the right materials, styles and colors that best suit your home and layout. You may discover that new techniques in construction will allow you to build something that you thought was impossible. Decks these days can be any shape you can imagine. Our full-scale displays help you to conceptualize what your deck will actually look like and give you a hands-on experience when choosing decking material.

Before the actual design phase of your decking project it’s good to speak to an experienced deck builder about what you want from a deck. Do you plan on entertaining? How will the flow of the deck work with your home and yard? Do you want specialized areas on the deck for a grill, hot tub or patio furniture? We can show you designs other people have come up with to give you ideas in a free Deck Consultation.