When it comes to replacing old windows, many will put it off for much longer than they should because it can be overwhelming without knowing where to start or what you need to do. This is an understandable position to be in. Buying new windows can be complicated and there are certainly a number of factors you need to consider. To help make this process easier for you, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions about buying new windows.

What’s the proper way to replace old windows?

Put simply, there are two main techniques you can use to replace your old windows with new ones. We’ll briefly explain what makes the two techniques different and what the benefits are.

  • Full frame window installation – This is when you replace not only the window but the surrounding frame as well. The benefit of this technique is it allows you more options regarding window style, size, and shape.
  • Pocket window replacement – This technique keeps the original frame, trim, siding, and casing intact. Homeowners typically go with this method in order to simply replace a worn window with a new window of the same size and shape.

The option you choose will largely depend on what your goal with your replacement windows. If you need a new frame and want a different size window, the full frame window installation will be the right way to go.

Should you replace all your windows at once?

Not all window replacements are carried out by homeowners for the same reasons. The three main reasons people choose to replace the windows in their home are outdoor aesthetic (curb appeal), indoor aesthetic, and functionality.

When the decision is made with aesthetic in mind, homeowners will typically replace all windows to match the style they have decided on. You can completely revamp the look of your home with brand new windows.

In cases where functionality is the main focus, homeowners are typically looking to replace only the windows that are worn out or not working correctly.

There is no right answer here. The decision to replace all your windows at once or just one or two will largely depend on a few factors.

What window style should you choose?

With the look of your windows, style and functionality are the two primary decisions you’ll have to make. Sliding windows and crank windows are the two common types when it comes to functionality. Sliding windows can slide up/down or left/right, whereas crank windows move inward or outward on a hinge. Style and functionality of your windows will largely come down to personal preference and what you think looks best in your home.

Should you install windows yourself or hire a professional?

A DIY approach is definitely possible for window installations, but should really only be done by those who have experience and skill with carpentry. Replacing multiple windows on multiple floors can also be a time consuming and challenging project and if not done correctly, can impact the look and function of the windows.

Hiring a certified installer is generally going to be the right decision, as they have experience working on window installations and will make sure your windows are expertly installed and look as attractive as possible when all is said and done.

Do you need Low-E glass?

Low-E Glass is designed to block out ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) rays which has a number of benefits for your home. UV lights can be damaging to fabrics, wood, and other materials that get a healthy dose of direct sunlight throughout the day. Reflecting IR light can help improve the efficiency of the heating and cooling in your home.

During the winter months it will help keep heat in your home, which will save you money and keep you and your family comfortable. It is not required to go with Low-E glass, but the benefits certainly speak for themselves.

What is the best time of year for window installation?

While spring is generally the best time to have your windows replaced due to the warm weather, window installations can really be carried out in any season. In the summer and winter months you will be letting hot and cold air into your home which may cause some discomfort as the installation process is happening but ultimately the decision of when to have new windows installed will come down to what time is most convenient for you.

What happens to the old windows?

You can recycle old windows at a local recycling service or have the window installers dispose of them. If the windows are still in good shape, you can give them away to someone who can use them. Old windows can also be repurposed into vintage decor, made into tables, or turned into outdoor decoration.

Replacing windows is not a simple task, but hopefully having these questions answered will make the process easier and smoother.