It used to be that the kitchen existed within the home on a purely functional level. It was where you prepared meals and washed dirty dishes, with little thought or care put into the form, design, or style. Nowadays, the kitchen is the focal point of many homes and where families spend a lot of their time, either in the morning as they prepare for the day, or at night as they gather to share a meal after a long day away from home. Design trends in kitchen remodeling are always changing, so we’ll break down 10 of the top current kitchen design trends to consider for your kitchen remodeling project in 2019.

2019 Kitchen Design Trends

Contrasting Colors Are In

While white cabinets are a classic look that works for almost any kitchen style, contrasting colors are experiencing a growth in popularity. A mix of light materials for countertops and walls can make darker wood cabinets contrast really well and is a really bold choice for homeowners remodeling their kitchens in 2019.

Streamlined Designs, Materials and Textures

Simplicity is key in modern kitchens and many homeowners are choosing to streamline the overall look and feel of their kitchens. One of the ways they achieve a streamlined design is by opting out of overhead cabinets which makes the space feel more open and allows counter space to be utilized more productively. In fact, for many people, reaching the top shelf of kitchen cabinets is a hassle. Another alternative to this is open shelves which will still give you the extra storage space without sacrificing the more open design.

Use of Wood

Wood is a timeless and beautiful material and creates a calming and welcoming environment. People are increasingly looking for a connection to nature and wood countertops and cabinetry helps bring a little of the outdoor experience into your kitchen design.

Effective Storage Solution Cabinetry

A big problem with most kitchen cabinet designs is the amount of space that goes unused. Basic shelves and drawers are often structured in a way that leaks much of the space empty. Homeowners are beginning to look for better storage solutions that fully utilize the space and can handle all the appliances and kitchen tools you need.

High Tech

Technology is getting better and smarter all the time, and now so are our kitchens. Smart kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, integrating modern technology into many appliances such as microwaves and refrigerators. Some refrigerators even have cameras inside so you can see what you need while shopping. You’ll never forget your shopping list again!